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The former state of Yugoslavia spans across south-eastern Europe and is composed of Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Macedonia and Montenegro.

From the vast plains of the north, mountains and hills of the southeast, to the different ethnic groups within the former state, its culture is diverse, and history deep.

Despite the complicated history and relationship within the Balkan states, a fascinating distinction arises. Yugoslavian Cuisine has stood the test of time. This cuisine has unified the Yugoslavian people and made them shine.

Welcome to Balkan! Visit the rich history through your taste buds and explore the beauty ofYugoslavia. The vast plains, hills and mountain ranges are within reach. Eat and drink at Balkan, Where You-go-Slav!

Where You-go-Slav!


"Boiling pot of different cultures and ethnicity all sharing the love for good platter of meat bbq and round of beers."

Marko has always been around good food, warm hospitality and excellent service ever since he could remember. He spent his early years in Serbia at his folk's very own restaurant-inn "Gadska Kafana" or meaning "Pub In Town". If he wasn't helping out in the pub, he'd be pursuing his other passion: basketball.

Basketball was what brought Marko to Manila in 2003. He first joined the La Salle Greenhills team as a powerforward and was appointed as team captain. He eventually played for DLSU's Green Archers Team and that very same year, the team won the UAAP Championships in 2007. But his basketball career in the Philippines was short-lived as it was put in an abrupt end after sustaining injuries that required surgeries.

Instead of being discouraged, Marko saw this as an opportunity to pursue another passion that heavily influenced him in his early years. With his bachelor's degree in Marketing and his passion in hospitality and the restaurant industry, he was able to open "Balkan Yugoslavian Restaurant". His first branch at San Juan was impressively fully operational even before his graduation. From Balkan's humble beginnings in San Juan, it is now a franchise with several branches in prime locations such as Makati CBD and Fort Bonifacio Global City.

Marko has been living in the Philippines for more than a decade and is supported by his local family and circle of Serbian friends. Through out the years, he has fallen in love with the Filipino culture and the locals' passion for food and festivities. Not satisfied with Balkan success, he is still driven to make BALKAN as the top foreign food restaurant of choice for the Filipinos. And based on his track record, believe us that it will happen.


"It's all about bringing over the dishes we used to savor back in our dad's restaurant in Northern Serbia."

Martin Batricevic is Marko's older brother who also grew up in the very same culture of enjoying and coming together over good homecooked meals. Fueled by his passion for food, travel and adventure, Martin left Verbas, Northern Serbia to pursue a Bachelor's degree in Hospital Management in Novi Sad, Serbia.

His stellar performance qualified him at his Univeristy's Exchange Student Program where he was able to work at the popular Martha's Vineyard Island in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA. With work experience from a busboy and to a cashier, Martin was able to gain experience on the operational side of the hospitality industry.

It was timely that as soon as he graduated in 2010, his younger brother Marko invited him over to the Philippines to invest on his potential restaurant business. Looking at Balkan's success now, none of it would have happened without Martin's operational know-how and financial support.?


"Serbians love meat and celebrations as much as Filipino's do. We want to share the 'new lechon' in the Philippines, which is our specialty Roasted Lamb, perfect for special occasions, the Filipino salu-salo's and fiesta's!"

Dragana has been part of the Batricevic family for years. Her passion for making Serbian homecooked dishes all started at the family's restaurant-inn "Gradska Kafana" (which means old pub in town) in Vrbas, Serbia. It was in 2001 when Marko's father, Moki, invited Dragana to train his kitchen staff.

A few years after, Marko & Martin invited her over to the Philippines to introduce the family recipes to Filipino market.

A number of her homecooked dishes gave them regular diners at Balkan, such as: the Goulash (the classic beef stew of the balkans), Sarma (pickeled cabbage rolls stuffed with beef & spices), Cevapcici (signature Serbian dish made from ground beef), Kobasica (100% home made pork sausage) and the Stuffed Pljeskavica (ground beef steak stuffed with mozzarella).

This year, Dragana proudly introduces what she had mastered with the rest of the Balkan Kitchen team in Manila, the half carcass Roasted Lamb. http://www.balkanmanila.com/lamb

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